Intensive Imago Relationship Counseling

Intensive couples counseling is a service I provide for couples who choose to spend two days receiving ten hours of Imago relationship counseling.

I will teach

  • An amazingly simple tool to deepen communication
  • How to identify your core hurts
  • A process to clarify the nature of those core hurts
  • A course of action to resolve those hurts
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Intensive couples therapy can be an excellent alternative or supplement to the traditional weekly or bi-weekly couples therapy for two reasons.

  • First, it fits the modern day fast paced life style with busy schedules. Often it is difficult with such busy schedules for two partners to maintain regular weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Inconsistent scheduling and missed appointments do not help the therapeutic process, and can be discouraging to one or both partners. Couples can accomplish the same in a day or two of intensive therapy as they can with three or four months of regular weekly appointments. Some couples choose to do three or four intensives over the course of a year. Some couples begin with a two day intensive to jump start the healing process and then follow up with bi-weekly or monthly counseling sessions.

  • Second, in an intensive there is a momentum and a flow to the work that can only happen when a couple block out a substantial amount of time dedicated to the relationship.

Intensive couples relationship therapy is a therapeutic process in which you spend a concentrated period of time exploring your relationship. For example a 10 hour intensive might include six hours of exploration on day one: Three hours in the morning and three hours after a lunch break, and a four hour session on day two. Of course there would be breaks in the sessions as needed. I tailor the intensive to meet your specific needs.

As an advanced clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy I facilitate two processes:

  • First, I teach a highly effective dialogue method that empowers you and your partner to talk about the issues at hand in depth.

  • Second, I supplement that dialoging with teachings from the current research on interpersonal relationships, and the neuro-sciences. The teachings are selected based on the specific relational issues. They are designed to help you and your partner understand what is really going on; and how your past experiences influence your current relationships.

These processes are designed to help you and your partner explore the underlying issues that are affecting the relationship. The goal is a deeper self awareness and a deeper appreciation for the other. As these goals are met healing takes place in the relationship.

Intensives can be an effective means to address relational problems. The most effective way to put your relationship on the fast track to healing and growth is a combination of Intensive counseling and taking the Getting The Love You Want Workshop.

Intensives are fundamentally different than the workshops in that intensives are primarily therapeutic. Workshops are primarily educational in nature and prepare the couple to do intensive therapy. Couples who take the workshop are equipped with the knowledge and tools that they will use during the intensive therapy. Couples who take the workshop return able to maximize their therapy through a deeper understanding of both theory and practice.

The most effective and meaningful approach to resolving the issues you are having is a combination of a Getting the Love you Want Couples Workshop plus weekly counseling or intensive counseling.

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