Impact Your Couples
The Moment
They Enter Your Office

DATE:    Friday, February 13, 2015

TIME:    8:45 AM to Noon

PLACE:  Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites

             Minneapolis Airport

             Three Appletree Square

             Bloomington, MN 55425

Cost:     $27.00/per person

Special Offer for $2 More

Pay $29.00 at time of registration and receive a free ticket to invite a partner or colleague.  That is a total cost of $29.00 for two people.


Learn a new first session protocol that will get your couples' work moving into deeper territory right away.  This innovative process will transform your efforts with couples.  You can build powerful alliances and explore relational baggage as soon as your couples sit down.  The result will be partners who get exited and hopeful about couples counseling with you.

Discover how to use the first session to ...

  • Set a positive, intentional tone for the therapy
  • Get each partner to listen to the other
  • Establish balanced rapport with each person
  • Lead angry partners our of their fight/flight reactivity into connection while participating in the healing process

In this workshop, you will learn to ...

  • Establish your expertise
  • Offer clear expectations
  • Explore current frustrations...all while making your assessment of the couple in your office
  • Assist each partner with connecting past baggage to current issues in a creative way
  • Eliminate shamming and blaming


Elements of the workshop will include ...

  • Video of an actual first session
  • Hands-on exercises and role plays
  • Personal and professional growth
  • 3 professional CEU's



"Tony is authentic, wise and a man of great soulfulness around this process.  He and Becky clearly walk the walk."       John

 "Tony is a great contributor to both theory and technology.  I recommend him and endorse him."          Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Co-founder-Imago Relationships International

"Tony is a strong addition to our faculty.  He has our highest admiration."   Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., Co-founder-Imago Relationships International

Amazing and powerful...this is an intense, emotion-filled experience that builds and strengthens a commitment to your relationship."  Lisa

"The first time I met my Imago course...I was deeply touched by his input.  I remember thinking, "I can trust this man."  Never did I dream at that moment how much I would relive those thoughts and feelings over the years.  As a human being, as a teacher, as a therapists, Tony has touched my life profoundly.  I am forever grateful."                 Evonne Weinhaus, LCSW, LPC, Co-author of Stop Struggling With Your Teen, Stop Struggling With Your Child, and A New Fearless You.

"I have not been similarly impressed by a clinician and teacher since I was fortunate enough to consult with Heinz Kohut so many years ago.  Every consultation with Tony has given me a fresh perspective on my clients and enduring insights into myself.  Tony is a gifted teacher who deeply understands the benefits of Imago Relationship Therapy to clients and clinicians alike.            Anne Desmond, LCSW